The Nasdaq in its initial stage was called the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations and it was founded by the National Association of Securities Dealers which is also called the NASD in 1971. Now, in present, the NASDAQ is known by its other name called the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and is also known as the FINRA in the stock exchange market. On the 8th of February in the year 1971, the Nasdaq stock exchange transformed itself into advanced technology and started running the stock exchange market on electronic devices.

What is the NASDAQ: ALBO stock?

It is also known as Alberto Pharma, Inc. Common Stock has a total share of about 25.32 dollars in total according to the data of today’s report which is 14th of August in the year 2020 and has earned a profit of about 1.70 and is 7.2% in total. The exchange term that has been involved in the NASDAQ: ALBO at is NASDAQ – CM and it works under the sector of Health Care mainly in the industry of Major Pharmaceutical. The yearly target for about one year is 51 dollars and the loan and high share on today’s report which is on 14th Augustus $25.52 if it is high and if it is low then the value of the share is $23.30.


The shade volume is 175626 and the average volume label is 124315 in total number and the also the precious close has been mentioned as 23.62 dollars in total. The weekly high and low for about 52 weeks which is almost one year of the value of the share is $31.50 in high and if it is low then the value of the share is $11.62. The value of the market cap is 379564803 which is a very huge number and now I wonder why this has been listed as one of the reasons in helping the NASDAQ: ALBO in the list of popular Nasdaq stocks.


The forward P/E ratio for 1 year is negative and the value is about -3. 42. The EPS which is also called the Earning Per Share is also negative and it is about $-5.91 in total value. The value of beta is also 1 here in the Nasdaq stock exchange market. The Annualized Dividend, Ex-Dividend Date, Dividend Pay date also is unknown and for the internal security purpose, they have hidden the report of the currently yield profit or loss in the stock exchange market. You can check more stock news at the best day trading app.


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