Plumbing Singapore experts always inspect the seals near your shower every once in a while is an excellent idea as this is a common location for an undiscovered leakage to cause a much more severe problem. Serious damage can happen if water is leaking and coming into consistent contact with the floor and bordering wall surfaces.24 Hours Plumbing: 3-Month Labor Warranty

If these pipes’ trouble is left then it can quickly become expensive to fix as there might be a great deal of restoration work associated with repairing the damage triggered. Floorboards and joists often tend to bulge in time and eventually start to rot when they keep getting soaked, this can lead to an expensive job to change them where you may have to remove your shower pan or enclosure to service the damages below.

What to look out for

Indicators to keep an eye out for to avoid an expensive repair work from damages triggered by pipes leakages in your shower are things like peeling paintwork and rotting floor covering. If you have plastic flooring you likewise require to be knowledgeable about puddles developing on the surface as this can cause the flooring to curl and weaken implying it will start to enable water to successfully pass and come into contact with the floorboards below.

If you use a shower curtain it ought to be kept inside the bathtub when you are in the shower, this lowers the threat of pools forming on your floor covering. An additional indication there may be plumbing leaks in your shower is mould areas on the silicone signets around your shower, this can show that there may be voids in the silicone that need to be fixed.

Examine your shower doors, make certain the rubber seals in good state and there are no gaps where the shower tray meets the flooring. If you do discover that there are spaces or decay then you require to scrape it out and use fresh silicone to fix the seal, make certain the silicone is totally dry before you test or utilize your shower.

Under the sink

It’s an easy thing to do, however most of us still do not look at it. So commonly, we wait up until 1 of our pipes has sprung a leakage, and afterwards we ask for service, instead of simply sneaking the periodic check under bathroom and cooking area sinks to make certain there is no water. And if you find the water flowing out of your closets or leaking onto the floor, then you virtually already know whatever is taking place under your sink needs specialist help.


Inspect every tap in your home in the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and exterior. When you turn the faucet off, you should not need to over tighten the handle to stop leaks via the spout. If you do, this is an apparent sign that the washers need to be replaced. Mixer faucets may drip from the middle or leak via the spout. The cartridge can be switched out or an entire new mixer depending upon exactly how aged the faucet is.