Founded in Jundiaí-SP in 2017, Maravilhas da Terra (MDT Mundi), is a company that sells health and wellness products with the highest quality, in a short time it has already gained space in Brazil and has been a preference.

Maravilhas da Terra

About Maravilhas da Terra MDT Mundi

Aiming at its worldwide expansion, Maravilhas da Terra changed its name to MDT Mundi as well.

MDT Maravilhas da Terra has Distribution Centers spread across the country and is starting its international expansion through its thousands of entrepreneurs positioned in the billionaire health and wellness market.

Created by Neil and Lorena Campos With just one tea, they helped thousands of people to live with health, self-esteem, joy and happy with their body. There have been many reports of life transformation thanks to the Products of the Wonders of the Earth.

In 2019, with the arrival of our CEO Martinelly Santos, the company officially entered the Relationship Marketing (MMN) market, allowing all these people to transform their lives much faster. The company grew 1,250% in 2019, due to the quality and product portfolio.

Aiming at growth and leverage, the company decided to move all over the country. Then, they created the opportunity for people to have their own business, offering teas to their friends, family and customers, through Direct Selling. It worked VERY well.

MDT Products Maravilhas da Terra MDT Mundi

Product MDT Mundi

The Products of the Maravilhas da Terra high quality standards, they are products focused on health and well-being. The company has been growing a lot in the country due to its products being giving a lot of results.

The Super Tea SB (dry belly) MDTea from MDT Mundi Maravilhas da Terra had its formulation enhanced to enhance the results and deliver even more well-being to consultants and end consumers in order to optimize their action based on technical-regulatory premises.

In addition, all teas evolved into the new MDTea line, which marks a new moment in the company’s worldwide positioning – MDT Mundi.

This is because the SB, Linfachá, Sbeltchá, Sonobom, Santé and Glycontrol teas now have the Kosher seal, with selected herbs and tracked from planting to production. Thus, absorption by the body occurs even more naturally and quickly.

The Kosher seal is an internationally recognized certification and strengthens the commitment to quality, based on its expansion to other countries.

How MDT Mundi Work

MDT Mundi has several forms of earnings where you will be able to sell products or assemble your team and make gains on the production of your entire relationship network within Maravilhas da Terra.

How Maravilhas da Terra works: in order to be entitled to purchase products at cost and to participate in the company’s earnings, it is necessary to purchase its initial Kit MDT BOX.

With just R $ 297.90 you start the business and take:

– 10 teas for resale with up to 100% profit

– 3 Freedom Training System Guides

– Exclusive online store to sell products online without leaving home and you will have

– Right to represent the brand.

Find out how to register with MDT Maravilhas da Terra, become an MDT consultant and earn a lot of money bringing health and well-being to people.