COCKFIGHTING BETTING is a way of traditional gambling where backers verbally exchange opinions concerning a roosters’ surge in a quest to make a profit in the end of the cockfighting spree or within the fight. Traditionally Cockfighting was done in a progressive way where if a rooster wins it advances to a higher and more challenging level, COCKFIGHTING BETTING was done by backers, feeding their gambling addictions and they made or lost a lot of money doing it. COCKFIGHTING BETTING is fully verbal and different backers used to find ways of cheating through match-fixing. Backers used to threaten or bribe match officials in some cases to alter with the final results thus making big COCKFIGHTING BETTING wins. Some backers used to go to the extent of paying off their opponents to withdraw or surrender their fights. COCKFIGHTING BETTING was however banned in most countries like the USA and lost its popularity over time. Some countries kept practicing it even after it being declared illegal, Cartel Lords in Mexico loved COCKFIGHTING BETTING and kept staking huge amounts and forcing roosters to fight each other sometimes even to death. It also is practiced in African countries though not as much as in the Philippines and Malaysia. COCKFIGHTING BETTING was like a dice game and cash kept coming in and out of individual pockets while watching roosters tied with metal rod butcher each other. After it being declared illegal, some backers used to go to the extent of holding them in black-sites, deep places where authorities couldn’t find them just to feed their COCKFIGHTING BETTING addiction.



COCKFIGHTING ONLINE BETTING is a gambling spree where individuals stake on online cockfights and can either lose or win their stake. It was not so popular before Corona Virus. It rose to the ranks when Covid hit and some Filipino taicoons created a platform online where individuals can stake and either win or lose money watching roosters’ beak-to-beak fight. ONLINE COCKFIGHTING BETTING is not as popular as NBA, Soccer or NFL betting but it is gradually growing and gaining a lot of popularity in different areas across the globe. ONLINE COCKFIGHTING BETTING introduced a double wager betting where backers can multi-bet on a rooster and this made most backers double on their bets. It has also attracted gamblers that had no interest whatsoever in COCKFIGHTING BETTING before. Stakes are different in different ONLINE COCKFIGHTING BETTING websites and backers need not meet in person to place their bets. It is believed that ONLINE COICKFIGHTING BETTING is now a multi-million dollar gambling industry and has got many online betting companies grasping all over it. These betting companies have however been faced by the unforgiving hand of the law with powerful government officials like the Philippines’ president wanting nothing to do with ONLINE COCKFIGHTING BETTING and COCKFIGHTING BETTING. It has however not relinquished betting companies nor backers from the sport, It is still being practiced and making profits in the 7-figures by betting companies in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia among others. Betting sites are to date still finding ways of making experienced backers and first-time gamblers to maximize their bets in ONLINE COCKFIGHTING BETTING.