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Union cancels Petting Zoo

Union cancels Petting Zoo
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The Union has cancelled its planned Petting Zoo, amid concerns about animal welfare.

The event – which was due to take place next week – was to be part of a ‘Space to Relax’ campaign, designed to help students unwind during the busy exam period.

Students have responded with disappointment to the news, with one tweeting: “WORST DAY EVER KNOWN TO MAN”.

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In a letter sent to Leeds Student, animal rights charity PETA outlined their opposition to the event:

“Petting zoos contribute to a cruel cycle of breeding, abandonment and killing”, they claim.

PETA also cited potential risks to students:

“Experts indicate that petting zoos are hotbeds of serious pathogens, including E coli and salmonella bacteria… infections can spread through direct or even indirect animal contact, and in some cases the illness can be fatal.”

A union spokesperson said: “Concerns about the welfare of animals and the security of the event mean that we can’t hold the planned petting zoo next week. ”

They added: “We will be having a massive bouncy castle on the grass outside next week”.

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