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Download Our iPad Edition!

Download Our iPad Edition!
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For the past few months a small team of Leeds Student Editors have been hidden in a bunker under the Union developing the first student newspaper iPad edition in the country (well that’s close to the truth anyway).

Regardless of minor details, if you go to the app store you’ll find a full digital reworking of your student newspaper. What’s more, if you subscribe after downloading the app free of charge, we’ll deliver each issue straight to your iPad.

Hailed as a “game changer” by Rupert Murdoch, publishing to the iPad is seen by many as a way to save the ‘traditional newspaper’ from terminal decline. However since Leeds Student doesn’t appear to be affected by this situation – we’re selling out faster than ever – we’re seeing this an opportunity to experiment with new ways of getting our award-winning journalism to you and staying ahead of the game. Our first version will be one of many and who knows within a couple of decades, the iPad edition could be the only way we publish.

Click here to download

We’d love to hear your thoughts, email to talk to the team.

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